i don't have all my music on my computer, so, the selection is limited. but, i'm going to do that ten song lyrics and you guys guess what the songs are thing. none of these will be that hard.

1) "watch the day disintegrate so i can stay up late"

2) "you're going to wake up one morning as the sun breaks dawn and you're going to look around and found that i've gone"

3)"crispy crispy benjamin franklin"

4)"chicken ceasar grows on trees"

5)"the shadow of a bicycle is no more beautiful then us"

6)"hands over my mouth i'm earning the right to my silence"

7)"in a silk suit trying not to sweat did sommersaults without the net. this will be the year that we don't forget"

8)"why is everybody in such a fucking rush?"

9)"yo little baby you've got eyes that shine like diamonds"

10)"opened up like butterfly wings and a mad dog that wouldn't sit still"

happy guessing! ( 20 bonus points for anyone who gets nine)

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yeah, i've been writing really emo, stupid livejournal entires forever. so, i thought i'd let everyone know i'm actually happier then i've ever been as of lately, but, i probably won't be updating this. but, i do real all of your entries! (most of the time)

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everyone i've ever trusted as turned out to be a liar. because everyone is a liar.

i feel like such a mess right now. i want to write a million things that i can't.


I had SO MUCH fun this weekend in Boston. i can't remember if i said something about this before, but, i went with shan (i girl i met at true colors) and a bunch of her friends.

friday evening her mom and her picked me up and we went to her house in nagatuck. then, her girlfriend raimie (probably spelling that wrong 'ray me' is how you say it) came over. we picked up these girls sam and laura and went to another girl's apartment, amber. there were a ton of people there, and i'm not sure which ones lived there and which ones didn't, except i know emily was from maine. sam attempted to spike my mohawk and just ended up like...gluing it down with all this crap. we basically just chilled.

saturday morning we left for boston. we being shan's mom, raimie and I. we went to shan's accepted student orientation at AIB and raimie and i pretended to be students as well. then, we went to quincy market and newbury street and then to shan's ex girlfriend's apartment. it was cool until she got super drunk and started showing us her and her girlfriend's sex toys. she had this cute little black cat named mini wheats, though. i loved it. we went back to the hotel and laura, pearum (definitly spelled wrong), laura, kyle (laura's boyfriend) and sam showed up and we had to snuck them in to the hotel.

sunday we just roamed around boston. took the T to like...everywhere. then REGINA CONCERT. it was ssoooo amazing. she started an hour late, but, it didn't even matter. i was kind of bummed she didn't play any of my top three, oedipus, love affair and consequence of sound, but, she played a bunch of amazing songs and some i hadn't heard. i wish i would have had money left for merch, but, i didn't.

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the regina spektor show in boston is sold out. i'm really bummed.

i was going to see if katie would take me to see her in philly, but, my mom said she won't let me go to philly in doo doo. oh well, i guess.

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well, sometimes i need something to do in the morning before school. i wrote my thesis for history on my lai, and i didn't even start it until 9:30 the night before and i got an A on it, so, i was pretty stolked about that. i bought kanye west's college dropout which isn't actually as good as i thought it would be. but, there are a few good songs on it. i rented closer with devlin yesterday, but, never...actually got around to watching it. then i left it in my mom's car. from what i've been told, it's a pretty raunchy movie, so, it'll be rather unfortunate if she notices and watches it at work.

i wish i could think of some high and low points from the last few weeks or something to write about, but, it's just too early. i did go to true colors this weekend which was AMAZING. i saw lindsay friday and she came over and we made vegan baked goods (because that's what lindsay and i do) and saturday i met SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE. including these two girls shan and mouse. the three of us went to get chinese food and i asked shan if she liked regina spektor and she's like, "i was just going to put her CD in" and then we talked about how god-like she is for a few minutes and shan invited me to her concert in boston. it's only twelve dollars!! i'm so excited! i'm going to marry her.

but, i have to do that school thing or whatever now, so, i'll probably start updating more regularly soon.

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dear liverjournal,

you have done no good for me. so, i bid thee farewell.



to all readers. if you want to know what's going on in my life ATTEMPT HUMAN CONTACT WITH ME

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fiona apple's new album is amazing. i've practically been listening to it on a loop for three days.

but, part of me is bitter that her lyrics are starting to make sense again.